Craft SIX Universal

Universal fit. Two BA drivers.
Craft SIX Universal

Outstanding emotions created by technology.

Our flagship, the Craft SIX, creates the perfect balance - audiophile neutral and smooth sound with excellent dynamics and lifelike imaging. Featuring six drivers: Dual Sub-Low, Dual Low-Mid, Single Mid-High, and One Super-Tweeter, along with our proprietary RASEN Bass, True Load, and SES technologies.

Reference Redefined

Our six-driver earphone was designed to deliver neutral sound, with perfect balance, redefined low frequencies, and smooth but detailed trebles. Clear, big sounding, lifelike bass meets full-body and organic mids, all completed by smooth, extended, detailed but never harsh highs. The highest resolution, extreme depth, very wide soundstage, and surprising dynamics is something that makes our C6 model stand out.

C6 delivers Reference and Natural sound with highest calculations done to fully control Frequency Response and Cumulative Spectral Decay (first time in the IEM industry)

RASEN Bass ™ (Reference Acoustic Spiral Enhanced Bass) - Patent-pending solution, precisely calculated and designed 3D printed structure, that creates low-end notes as realistic as a true subwoofer.

True Load ™ - Extremely flat Impedance and Phase.

SES™ (Space Expanse System) - Our very own field-specific, 3D printed, horn-loaded tweeter which was tuned in a very particular bandwidth.



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Craft SIX Universal
Craft SIX Universal

Universal fit. Six BA drivers

Outstanding emotions created by technology.

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