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Custom In-ear Monitors
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Craft TWO
Craft TWO

Two BA drivers

Hear everything. Breakthrough in availability.

Starting at 330 EUR (1400 PLN)

Craft FOUR
Craft FOUR

Four BA drivers

Pure excellence. Reinforced lows.

Starting at 550 EUR (2400 PLN)

Perfect sound, top notch quality

At Craft Ears, we pay attention to every single detail, to make for you the best sounding, the best looking and the most comfortable In-Ear Monitors with the best quality to price ratio possible. Handcrafted for musicians, by musicians. With the help of state-of-the-art technologies. And thats all to help you perform best on stage.

State-Of-The-Art Technologies

High Tech High Tech High Tech
3D Print

We are using advanced 3D printing technology to be sure your monitors will fit perfectly.

Only The Best Parts

Each of our earphone features High-end Balanced Armatures and certified medical grade materials.

Excelent Sound

Mind blowing quality, precisely tuned.

Full Customization

We will do everything to make your monitors looks special.

The guarantee

We know, that customer service is at least as important as sound quality. Thats why we offer you the most friendly terms of warranty and the most extended support possible.


- years -

warranty on components *

* no questions asked


- days -

fitting warranty


- days -

or the return *

* Covering only the cost of non-renewable materials for production.

lifetime support


lifetime support
Quote from Marcin 'Bazyl' Zawadzki

Very good separation, perfect sound and extraordinary selectivity allows you to refine the mix, regardless of the conditions on the stage

Marcin 'Bazyl' Zawadzki
Feel / Kult
Quote from Tomasz 'Nawrot' Nawrocki

Custom in-ear monitors give you things, that even high-end earphones can't. I use Craft Ears in studio and on stage, and I can honestly say, that the playing 'comfort' is finally comfortable.

Tomasz 'Nawrot' Nawrocki
Piotr Cugowski/Chorzy/Chango/Oho!Koko
Quote from Jeremiasz Baum

Perfectly crafted, and above all - sound that is addictive.

Jeremiasz Baum
Paranoid Mind / NoVy
Quote from Michał Łakomy

Not only hear better... I FEEL MORE!

Michał Łakomy
Paranoid Mind
Quote from Jan Gałach

Comfort and great audibility on stage, peace and quiet at home .

Jan Gałach
Jan Gałach Band, Dżem, Maciej Balcar, Sebastian Riedel & Cree, Kasa Chorych, Krystyna Stańko, Czarny Pies